A playfee is charged for every child who comes with his parents to the Monster cafe to play.

It helps us to maintain our place and toys. We also use it to provide paper, colors, perls, play dough and more material to do crafts.

Price: 3,50 € / playtime


Childcare can be booked per hour or as a package.

Per hour

Our Per-hour-rate is spontanouse and flexible. Please just let us know one day before if you like to make use of childcare. Siblings only pay half price.

First child 9,00 €
Siblings 4,50 €
10 hours package / 25 hours package

You divide it up the way you want. For example the 25 hour package can be five hours in five days, or two times five hours and five times tree hours with rest-days in between, however you like.


Prices per hour:
10 hours package 25 hours package
First child 8,50 € 8,00 €
Siblings 4,00 € 4,00 €

Total prices:
Number of cildren 10 hours package 25 hours package
1 child 85,00 € 200,00 €
2 children 125,00 € 300,00 €
3 children 165,00 € 400,00 €

The price includes:

  • Fresh fruits
  • A lunch snack when your child stays more than three hours
  • Crafts and playprogram
  • The whole time your child is supervised by an educator

Birthday Party

For all parties the Monster Café is cleaned up, the tables are arranged for the party guests, we are ready and prepared for your party. There's water and juice spender for the children. We'll serve coffees, soft drinks and refreshments.

Base price
Package Price
until 25 person (child or adult) 150,00 €
Each additional person (child or adult) 5,00 €


What about the decoration?

Package Description Price
None Includes: what you like to decorate you’ll bring with you.
Description: we'll decorate the place together before the party begins.
0,00 €
Basic Includes: balloon decoration, garlands, lampions, coloured table cloth on the birthday table.
Description: we decorate.
15,00 €
Balloon Arch Includes: balloon arch, happy birthday table cloth, coloured napkins.
Description: the birthday table is decorated with a photogenic balloon arch like in the picture at the top of the site in the colours of your choice. On the table we put a happy birthday table cloth and napkins.
20,00 €
Complete Includes: balloon decoration, garlands, lampions, balloon arch, coloured table cloths and coloured napkins on the birthday table and on the tables for the guests.
Description: we decorate the whole terrace for your birthday party. We put up balloons, lampions and garlands. On the birthday table will be a birthday party table cloth and napkins. Above we'll decorate the photogenic balloon arch in the colours of your choice. The tables for the guests will be prepared with table cloths and napkins as well.
35,00 €

You can use our kitchen and its equipment to serve food and snacks. We have plates and cutlery for up to 50 people.

Package Description Price / Person
None Includes: what you like to serve your guests you’ll bring with you.
Description: we'll support you with the preparation and the serving. Cutlery for up to 50 people.
0,00 €
Basic Includes: pop corn, chips and peanut flips.
Description: bowls with a variation of chips, pop corn and peanut flips are arranged on the tables when the guests arrive.
1,00 €
Finger Food Includes: Monster platters.
Description: Monster platters with cocktail tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, grape-cheese pickers, party sausages and kritsinia will be arranged on the tables.
2,00 €
Snacks Includes: four snacks of your choice for each guest.
Description: you choose four kinds of small pies with spinach, sausage, cheese or chicken, mini croissants, mini hot-dogs or mini hamburgers. We order them at a bakery and serve them at the party on platters or one plate for each person.
3,50 €
Pizza Includes: two pieces of pizza of your choice for each guest.
Description: we order pizza from a restaurant. Popular tastes are special, prosciutto, salami and margarita. We'll serve platters on the tables or one plate for each guest.
3,00 €

What about the birthday cake and a piniata?

Type Description Price for 25 guests
None Includes: storage of the birthday cake in our fridge until the party begins. We'll hang up the piniata together with you.
Description: you'll bring the birthday cake with you. If you like to play piniata you'll prepare it by yourself.
0,00 €
Birthday Cake Includes: professional decorated birthday cake with your favourite theme.
Description: you tell us your theme and the size of the birthday cake. We'll order it for you. We'll present it on the birthday table, cut it and serve it to your guests.
50,00 €
Piniata Includes: a piniata filled with everything what children like.
Description: we buy a pinata and fill it with sweets. We'll hang it up and play it with the children at the end of the play program.
30,00 €

For more informations please call us: +30 695 525 8224
Or send us a message via our contact form.

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