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monster cafe - Saskia


She loves the interpersonal contact with other people. Especially with children. That’s why she studied social work and social pedagogic. Before opening Monster Café with her husband Janni she worked many years in the public social welfare sector with children of different ages.

Since 2016 she’s responsible for the management, the kitchen and the childcare sector of Monster Café.

Personally she loves climbing, swimming, cycling and running. That’s why she decided to come to Kalymnos: to have the outdoor climbing on her doorstep. She loves it to take her children to school and to be able to go to the rocks and climb some routes.

Saskia is our language talent. She speaks German, English. Greek, Spanish and a little Norwegian. She likes to learn some words and phrases in your child’s language.

monster cafe - Janni


Together with Saskia he’s the founder of Monster Café. He studied engineer and is an experienced craftsman and builder. He does all necessary craft activities at Monster Café on his own. He loves to design new toys for our playground. All wood works are designed by Janni.

With opening Monster Café in 2016 he did a training as Barista and is our passionate coffee maker. Although he is not an educator all children love him. And he loves to keep them busy.

Janni speaks international language with sounds and gestures. He knows German, English, Greek, French and a little Italien.

monster cafe - Maria


Maria loves to play. She always finds the perfect craft and game fitting to the age and the skills of the children. She was a boys-scout for many years and brings a lot of experience in organizing team games and -events. She studied education of early childhood.

Since 2016 she helps us with the childcare. But not only. She’s the one who organizes and implements the play program at our birthday parties.

Since 2023 she’s responsible for our social media presentation.

Maria speaks with all the children with gestures. She knows Greek and English. After being in childcare your child probably learned some Greek expressions, the colours or to count until ten.

monster cafe - Katerina


Since we got more and more busy we needed a second employee in our staff. We found Katerina. She supports Maria with the childcare, Saskia in the kitchen and the general cleaning. She sees what is necessary to do in the specific moment.

But her specialty are babies. She studies to become midwife. She loves to care for our smallest visitors.

Katerina speaks Greek and English.

monster cafe - Ben


Our man in the background. As our web developer, he is responsible for the design, programming and further development of our website. He is also responsible for image and video editing. 

Since January 2024 he has been part of our team .

If you also need his know-how, you can contact him via berndmerziger.de.

He speaks German and English and lives in Cologne / Germany.

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