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Baby childcare

If we have the capacity we offer also childcare for babies under 12 month. Our becoming midwife Katerina is happy to do this job. For babies it`s necessary to have one person extra. If we have this extra person, depends on how busy we are with the children of our regular age group in childcare.

Might be, if we have the capacity. We prefer to look after the children at Monster Café.

General questions to childcare

The main age group of childcare is 1 - 8 years. For children under one year or above 8 years please contact us personally. In general we think parents know their children best and know when they are ready for childcare.

For us the most important is that they are used to childcare already at home – or they are having social contacts and/ or are generally ready to stay with other people happily.

Children over eight years are welcome at Monster Café. Some love to stay with us - especially when they know us already.

We take 10 children a day. In exceptional cases we can look after up to 12 children. In this case we’ll be with two pedagogues only for the children.

We have at anytime at least one pedagogue looking only for the children and their needs. If we have very small children, a very wide age group or more than five children we provide more staff exceptional for the children.

All about our employees and about us you will find here

We have a lot of toys the children can use on their own: the soft play, bobby cars, micro scooters, pucky bike, dolls and strawlers, play supermarket, play kitchen, lego, blocks, puzzles, marble run, books and more.

Popular activities are dressing up, play dough and making salty dough, playing restaurant, face painting, painting with pencils, makers, water colors, tempera colors, finger colors. We make different crafts considering the age and the season. We also play active group games like hide and seek or catch. We have a variety of playmobil and many more for any age of children.

The children are welcomed and introduced to the group of children of the day. Usually somebody plays having breakfast at our children's canteen. When all children arrived, latest around 10:30 we sit together to have fruits of the season.

After an activity considering starts fitting to the age and interests of the children with one of our pedagogues.

Around 12:30 we sit together to have lunch (examples for lunch you will find in question below). After lunch we have a silent time and freeplay. The first children are getting picked-up. Some go to sleep in a hang mock or their stroller or our cot. Others play puzzle, we read books with the children and sometimes we listen to a fairy tale. It is free play possible all the time. After the silent time last crafts are finished or favorite games are repeated.

Parents are welcome to take coffees or refreshments or a snack before heading of. We have to respect the greek lunch break from 15:00 - 17:00. But that doesn’t mean you have to leave exactly at 15:00, our cafeteria will be still open.

Our core time for childcare is 09:00 - 15:00. Please ask us, if you need childcare in the early morning or you like to leave your child longer one day. We try to arrange it, but notice, we have children as well, in the morning we bring them to school and kindergarten. We need to be a complete team to offer childcare.

Food / lunch during childcare

In the childcare is everything included what the children need during their time with us. Important for us is to eat together at one table. There`s a fruits snack around 10:30 when usually all children arrived at Monster Café. Around 12:30 is lunch time (examples for lunch you will find in question down). Later on there can be another snack like rice cake or kritzini. We serve healthy food and avoid too much sugar. The children during childcare drink generally water. Sometimes we have a small juice after lunch all together. Extra drinks the children order with their parents when they come to pick them up.

Our lunch depends on the children in childcare. We 'try' to offer a lunch that all of the children like. Popular dishes are pasta – plain, with tomato sauce, with minced meat sauce, with carbonara sauce. Rice or potatoes with boiled vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, courgette. Sometimes we have sausages, meatballs, fries or chicken nuggets or pizza.

We always offer fresh cut vegetables like cucumbers and carrots beside.

If you prefer you can bring the lunch for your child with you.


We use a translator application. We and the children can speak in and the app tells the translation. We use hands and gestures and mimic a lot.

Greek, english, german, spanish, a little french, a little italian, a little norwegian.

Settling in

Take your time to allow your child to settle in well

Spend some time with us and you will get to know our daily routine (look at the question above). Sit together at our large table for fruits or lunch. You will fast see what and how to play, who will be the playmates and what are their names. And who is Maria and Katerina, in case that I have a question, I don’t know what to play, I have to go to toilet, or anything else.

The more time you invest in settling in, the easier it will be for your child to stay for childcare.

You know best, when your child is ready for childcare.

Booking conditions

Yes, you can! Of course its always possible to pop up to see how many children are in our childcare group of the day. If there’s space and we have enough staff, you can leave your child with us.

The booking is like a reservation: we need to organize our staff and program to offer best quality childcare. We have to plan for that. So we need to know how many children we`re looking for at the day you were booking.

You can change your booking until the afternoon before. Please contact us: via phone, whats app or email.

You can cancel and change you booking until the afternoon before. The booking is important for us to plan our staff and to offer you best quality childcare.

Payment conditions

The payment takes place on site. That means you don`t pay in advance. You pay childcare at the end, when we known the exact number of hours your child have been in childcare. To plan our staff, food and program it`s helpful for us to be informed in case you don`t come.

We accept cash payment and bank transfer.

Personal details

Your data will be treated confidentially. They will not be passed to third parties.

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