About our childcare

Childcare is a matter of trust

Your child is in good hands with us.
We take care of your child's needs and well-being.

Our team

The Monster Café exist since 2016.

We are constantly developing by observing children, to know what is necessary for childcare.

monster cafe
Saskia, mother of two children and studied social work and social pedagogics.
She will be your contact person on the phone, via email or whatsapp.
monster cafe
Maria, mother of one child, studied early childhood education.
She is the contact person for your child in childcare. She looks for the children`s needs. She loves to play and does amazing crafts.
monster cafe
Katerina studies to become a midwife.
She`s our specialist for babies.
monster cafe
Janni is a studied engineer.
He is father of two children and experienced in entertaining children and keeping them busy.

Our concept

The pedagogic concept of Monster Café is to encourage children to play together. Our pedagogues invite all children of different nationalities and of different age groups to interact and to play together. We guide and stimulate the children to develop new skills, social and motor competences.

We ensure your child`s well-being. We take all meals together at our large table. We serve healthy food and animate the children to drink frequently water.

Our place

Our place includes everything necessary for children of different ages to spend a good time.
And our playground is designed with an animating character to fulfill every child's wish.

monster cafe - childcare
monster cafe - childcare
Settling in

A good childcare needs a good settling in:
Take your time to allow your child to settle in well.

Spend some time with us and you will get to know our daily routine. Sit together at our large table for fruits or lunch. You will fast see what and how to play, who will be the playmates and what are their names. And who are Maria and Katerina, in case that I have a question, I don`t know what to play, I have to go to toilet, or anything else.

The more time you invest in settling in, the easier it will be for your child to stay for childcare.
You know best, when your child is ready.

Basic informations

The core age of children playing in Monster Cafe is 1 - 8 years.

For Baby childcare read our information here.

Core hours: we offer childcare daily from 09:00 to 15:00. If you would like to bring your child earlier or to leave it longer one day, please let us know.

What to bring: water bottle, change of cloths, nappies and if necessary a cuddling toy.

Our Prices you will find here.

Childcare contract: You agree with the childcare contract, which can be viewed here.

You can book childcare easily on site or here:

Please notice: we are most busy in Mai, September and for sure in October. In these times we have a lot of children and it is recommended to book in advance.

monster cafe - childcare

A day of childcare at Monster Café

We have a structured daily routine, which is important for the children.

Between 09:00 - 10:00 | The children are arriving
One of our pedagogues invites them to join the group of playing children. The children start playing what they like the most: some are preparing breakfast in our play kitchen, others are driving around with the bobby cars and others are dressing up.

Around 10:30 | Fruit time
All children and staff are sitting together at our big kids table having fresh fruits of the season. This is a very important moment. The children learn the other children's names. First interaction start possibly while playing 'My little eye I spies'.

Around 11:00 | Play and crafts time
Considering the age and interests of the children activities start with our pedagogues.

Around 12:30 | Lunch time
We sit all together again to have lunch. Popular dishes are pasta - plain, with tomato sauce, with minced meat sauce, with carbonara sauce. Rice or potatoes with boiled vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, courgette. Sometimes we have sausages, meatballs, fries, chicken nuggets or pizza.

We always offer fresh cut vegetables like cucumbers and carrots beside.
If you prefer you can bring the lunch for your child with you.

Around 13:00 | Time to relax
The first children are getting picked-up. Some are going to sleep in a hang mock or their stroller or our cod. Others play puzzle, we read books with the children and sometimes we listen to a fairy tale. There is free play possible all the time.

Around 14:00 | Play and crafts time
After the relaxing time the children playing their favorite games and others want to finish their crafts. Parents are welcome to take a coffee, a refreshment or a snack before heading off. They often spend some time together with us and their children. We have to respect the greek lunch break from 15:00 - 17:00. But that doesn`t mean you have to leave exactly at 15:00, our cafeteria is still open.

monster cafe - childcare
monster cafe - childcare
monster cafe - childcare

Kids club

After a day at Monster Café some children dosn`t want to leave.
That`s our greatest reward.

monster cafe - childcare
monster cafe - childcare

Dear parents,

in 2015, we came to Kalymnos with our 6-month-old daughter Leonie to spend our parental leave.
We had the idea of living abroad, maybe on Kalymnos. And of course we wanted to use the free time for climbing. We are both passionate sports climbers. We love to climb challenging routes and to project routes at our limit.
So we took Leonie with us to the rocks. We met up with other families to realize climbing with her. After a few sessions we learned: every day with a child at the rocks is different: sometimes both of us hardly managed to climb a route, sometimes it went well. At some days we`ve been very disappointed.
We realized: sports climbing with children is not the same as without. And: other families are in the same situation.

A thought came up: how great would it be, if there would be childcare! We could leave our child (now 1 year old) at a place where it`s well-cared and protected, having fun playing with other children. That would allow us to do the sport we love: rock climbing.

An idea was born: that was the birth of Monster Café. We clapped our hands and went for it. A crafts man and a social pedagogue invented a new and unique concept, that allows parents to go climbing and children to have fun in the same time.

We realized to create a place where children can come to play with and without their parents. A cafeteria, a playground with activities and program, but also a nursery.

Now our place has been established. Many families come to Kalymnos and to Monster Café once or twice a year. Over the years we maintain a friendly relationship with them. And the children love our place and are looking forward to come to Monster Café when they travel to Kalymnos.

We wish you a wonderful time on Kalymnos,
Saskia and Janni

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