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The outside area with about 150 m² provides enough space to play hide and seek, to run around and to cruise with scooter, bobby car, bike, doll carrier or animal riding horse.

Our soft play invites the children to play with hanging snakes, swinging rings, a ball pit, a moving buoy and punching balls. There are stairs to the upper level and a slide down.

One part of the outside area is covered by soft panels. There are hammocks, balance beam, gymnastics rings, a vertical cloth and a lot more to play.

The whole terrace is surrounded by a fence, thus no child can leave our place on its own and you can enjoy relaxed your coffee or fresh orange juice.

Indoor Kids spielen_bearbeitet.jpg

Inside we have a kids kitchen, a small restaurant and a supermarket to play shopping, cooking and serving. Lego, blocks, a wooden train, marble games, lots of cars, playmobil and dolls are keeping the kids busy. There is a big collection of books, puzzles and board games fitting to any age and language -
everything what children love to play.

If you search for a baby changing table you'll find it here.

At Monster Café there is always something to cut, glue, model and to paint - sometimes to work on an common artwork or just to create something to take home. 

The crafts table is international: the children hear different languages, find new friends and learn some new skills.

Who likes to play a game with us?

All kids love board games. Rolling the dice, counting together, races on the board and IQ puzzle guarantee entertainment and lots of fun.

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