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Childcare and playtime at Monster Café Kalymnos

Childcare and playtime at Monster Café Kalymnos

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Saskia and Maria, two childcare professionals,

make sure that everyone at Monster Café has a great time.

They support the children to feel save and secure.

Every child will have lots of fun with different activities, crafts and games.


At Monster Café we take care of children between one and eight years from all nationalities.


We speak english, greek, german, spanish and a little bit of different other languages like french, italian and norwegian. Usually we've no communication problems. If necessary we use a voice translator application.


For the little ones: we change diapers and we'll find a place for them to have a nap. 


At some point everybody gets hungry. That's a good moment to sit together at one big table and eat and talk and find together. In the morning we serve fresh fruits. Later on we have lunch.

Come and meet us!

Explore our Café and spend some time with us. If you like our place and your child feels comfortable it is ready for childcare.

The first hour is free for you!

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